Twotrees TTS-55 Laser Engraver with 5,5 W Optical Output Under $300- unbox, assemble and test

Twotrees TTS-55 Laser Engraver with 5,5 W Optical Output Under $300- unbox, assemble and test

Advanced Laser Technology: TTS-55 laser module uses the latest LD+FAC+C-Lens compression spot technology, fixed focus, focal length is only 23mm, compared with other long focus lasers, short focus laser has stronger engraving and cutting ability. Engraving accuracy: 0.1mm. Laser power: 5.5W, machine output power: 40W.

32-bit Motherboard: The motherboard adopts 32-bit dual-core MCU, which has a faster processing speed, and the engraving speed can reach 10000mm/min. Laser can engrave online and TF card offline engraving. Due to the built-in WIFI module, you can also use the mobile phone App and computer WEB for engraving.

Software Compatibility: Twotrees TTS-25/55 series engraving machines are compatible with most engraving software. For example, free software: LaserGRBL (for Windows), paid software: Lightburn (for Windows, Mac), mobile app: MKSLaser (for Android and IOS system), can be downloaded from the mobile store.

Capability of engraving and cutting: TTS-55 laser can engrave wood, plastic, paper, leather, bamboo, sponge paper, alumina, stainless steel, chevron board, acrylic, glass, etc. The laser can cut up to 5mm plywood, 3mm acrylic board , 3mm carton, 0.7mm leather and so on. Working Area: 300x300mm.

New Upgrades: Twotrees TTS-55 is an upgraded version of TT-5.5S. TTS-55 aluminum profile added digital scale, upgraded to 32-bit motherboard. Add power switch to motherboard. Magnetic laser protection covers, CNC Z-axis lifting devices, Cable management


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