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Discover the best FDM printers here to find the right model for you in our range of 3D filament printers. Twotrees SK1 series is our latest line of fast printers, with each model offering its own strengths to meet the needs of both 3D enthusiasts and professionals.


TwoTrees has always championed and created a fully free design lifestyle. Our Mission is to bring safe 3D printing & laser engraving technology and product to every person, home and organization for a fully possibility of creative world. Created in 2017, TwoTrees is one of the biggest producer of 3d printer and accessories in China, today comprises R&D, Produce, and Retailing; that creates high-quality products. It is a technology company present in all four major sectors of the 3Dprinter market: 3D Printers, Laser engravers, Spare parts & accessories and filaments.

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The TTS-20 Pro stands out for its exceptional price-performance ratio, making it a highly recommended choice. With only a minimal price difference compared to the TS2 20W, it offers excellent value for money.

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  • TwoTrees JUST released the INSANE 700mm/s SK1!

    Explore 3D printing with my review of the TwoTrees SK1, the first fully open-source Klipper-based CoreXY printer. Discover its speed and precision, redefining possibilities. See why the SK1 is a game-changer for enthusiasts, offering unmatched performance and design. 🔧✨

  • TWOTREES TTC450 CNC - Great First CNC!

    First attempt with a CNC machine! Let’s see how it goes! Specs: 46046080mm, 74W spindle at 80000rpm, dual Y steppers, 32-bit DLC32 v2.1 board, 3.5in touchscreen, WiFi, ±0.1mm accuracy, compatible with Candle, Carveco, Artcam, Easel.

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  • Fraiseuse TwoTrees CNC TTC

    Découvrez la fraiseuse CNC TTC450 de TwoTrees ! Aluminium robuste, zone de travail de 460x460x80 mm, vitesse max 800 mm/min, moteur broche 80W/500W, USB/Wifi, écran tactile avec mode hors ligne (SD), et Z-Probe automatique.

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