SpeTool EU Ranger Series Carbide Insert Flush Trim with Top and Bottom Double Bearings 32mm Dia x 12mm Shank x 65mm Cutting Length Pattern Template Router Bit

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Regular price €115,49
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Welcome to theSpeTool Ranger Series, where precision woodworking trimming becomes a breeze with our Heavy Duty Carbide Insert Flush Trim Router Bit. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a hobbyist, you'll find value in its unique design, industrial-grade quality, and high-precision cutting capabilities.


Cutting length:


Cutting diameter:


Shank size:


Includes 14 pieces of (12mmx12mmx2.2mm) carbide inserts

What's New in the Upgrade:

Black Steel Body Coating:We've taken it a step further by introducing a sleek black coating to the steel body. This not only enhances the router bit's aesthetics but also offers increased durability and resistance to wear.

Streamlined Groove Design:The overall design of the carbide insert groove has been refined for a more robust appearance. This redesign not only adds to the visual appeal but also enhances performance.

Unique Design:This pattern flush trim router bit has been meticulously crafted with top and bottom bearings and features replaceable carbide blades fixed in a spiral pattern. This distinctive design empowers you to achieve precise trimming effortlessly.

Industrial-Grade Quality:Crafted with an industrial super-strength steel body and robust tungsten carbide blade, this router bit boasts exceptional hardness and durability. It's ready to tackle any wood type with ease.

High Precision:Each bit is CNC machined and coated for reduced friction, while the precision guide bearings ensure smooth and accurate cuts. Expect outstanding results for your woodworking projects.

Compatible Equipment and Materials:Whether you're using a table-mounted router or a handheld one with a 1/2-inch collet, this router bit fits the bill perfectly. It's adept at trimming particle board, chipboard, MDF, density board, melamine board, veneer plywood (laminate), and solid wood.

How to remove and replace Ranger Series blades:

⚠️Important Notes:We recommend using this bit with a table-mounted router for optimal performance. Always ensure the set screws are tightened securely before each use. This practice guarantees a stable work environment and excellent cutting results.

Choose the SpeTool Ranger Series Heavy Duty Carbide Insert Flush Trim Router Bit for woodworking trimming that's accurate, efficient, and satisfying. Whether you're a professional craftsman or a DIY enthusiast, this router bit will prove to be an indispensable companion in crafting exquisite woodworking creations.

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